The only solution to continue with education since the last one year was to take the classes online. Parents have this love hate relationship with this online tutoring solution. Many are of the opinion that virtual learning is good for older students and for those who are self-disciplined and motivated. 

What Parents Love

When COVID compelled everyone to stay indoors, parents loved the idea of their children attending virtual school through the safety of their homes. They appreciate customized and learning at one’s own pace in online learning. Teachers too do not have to worry about keeping the gifted students effectively engaged while the others are struggling. The elementary school children are becoming familiar with technology and discovering for themselves various ways and means of learning and staying connected with other children and teachers. There is no break in learning through virtual classes. So, when the schools will reopen children will be at ease with the curricula. No one is required to drive them to school and the commuting time saved can be put to other productive activities. Flexibility of anytime anywhere study is also much appreciated. They save a lot on transportation and stationery expenses. 

What Parents Hate

The effect that social isolation of those who love to engage in sports, have joined certain activity clubs, social interaction will have on their mental health worries them. Those students whose interest lies somewhere else blame the online classes for their failures and hence are concerned about the overall performance of their ward. They are susceptible to fall prey to predators, can have unauthorized access to online activities and communications due overexposure to the internet. Balancing the work/play becomes troublesome. Not all have a good internet connection. Many feel that online classes are not as interactive as the physical ones. 

Source: EdTech Review