Make Exceptional Presentation

Learn What Gets People Interested

Master Techniques on :

✓   How to start your presentation

✓   How to communicate your main message

✓   How to end presentation

Problem in Communication

In my 20 years of making presentations selling product ideas
to CEOs/Marketing heads, I have discovered :

✓   People don’t have patience to listen (unless its super important)

✓   People don’t focus for long on your message

✓   People want the main message asap

Because :

Our human brains are designed to conserve energy & hence in every communication the brain tries to get the main message quickly

Therefore : What’s The Solution?

Check the video : Gandhijis Communication Secrets

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Gandhiji’s Communication Secret

Make Exceptional Presentation

Weekend Crash

Course Duration : 3 Hours Sat / Sun
Fee : Rs. 1700/-
For First 20 users : Rs. 999/-
Certificates provided on completion

One Month Detailed Course

Course Duration : 3 Hours Sat / Sun
Fee : Rs. 5000/-
For First 20 users : Rs. 2450/-
Certificates provided on completion

3 Months In Depth Course

Course Duration : 3 Hours Sat / Sun
Fee : Rs. 15000/-
For First 20 users : Rs. 7200/-
Certificates provided on completion With Job Assistance 

Delivered by

20+ years in communication design, having designed & delivered brand communications for Coca-Cola, LG, Videocon, JK Tyres , & many more.

My approach to designing communication is :
Studying human behaviour, using the insights to design messaging that influences.

Work Published:
In Brand Equity Economic Times.

Azam Siddiqui
(Master in Brand Communication)


Azam’s understanding of communication blocks is amazing & his ability to transfer this knowledge transforms the communication power of the participants in his coaching program.

Tariq Saeed.
Executive at a top tech company.
Cupertino, California


I found sessions conducted by Mr. Azam for my international students very useful as well as meaningful and would highly recommend that course should be offered as part of curriculum.

Mr. Shehrevar Davierwala
Higher Education Administrator, Literacy Advocate
& Academician


When I started my digital agency, I lacked the ability to present my offerings to potential customers. Azam’s training helped me transform my presentation for selling.

Founder of HotBot Studios


How do you introduce yourself? His communication techniques on how someone should address this question, helped many participants have success at their job interviews

Senior Manager- Talent Acquisition
(at an MNC)

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