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Payment Gateways

Educators can promote courses to students

Create Courses

Educators create and promote their courses to students

Receive Registrations

Students request registrations in these courses

Assign Batches

Educators chat online with students and assign them best-fit batches

Educators and Students can engage online

Educators and students can engage effectively using all our online teaching tools


Educators and students communicate with each other by sharing and liking posts


Educators create assignments. Student submit them online. Educators check them online and share corrected assignments with students


Educators create Tests. Students take these tests online. We auto-correct these tests. Educators review and publish results to Students.

Study Materials

Educators share study materials with Students from Google Drive and Dropbox

We support all class formats

Educators can teach students in various formats

Online Live

Conduct live sessions via Zoom or via our feature-rich in-house online classes solution

YouTube Streaming

Stream your live YouTube video + live chat sessions

YouTube Streaming

Stream your live YouTube video + live chat sessions


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Performance feedback

Share extensive test analytics such as attempted time versus ideal time on each question, test on test comparisons, peer comparisons

Engagement Statistics

View engagement and activity statistics on your dashboard such as enquiries received, conversions, tutoring hours, course profitability and many more

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